When You Have Decramastic Roof Problems We Can Help!

Do you own an older home with decramastic roof tiles? These tiles, popular in the 1970s and 1980s consist of pressed steel. They are covered with a bitumen overlay. The tiles were popular because they were lightweight. One of the disadvantages of this type of roofing tile is that they could be easily damaged by weather or moisture. It was even possible to create decramastic roof problems by walking on the tiles. When damage does occur to these tiles, it is often not possible to repair them. Instead, these tiles must be replaced. Our team of professional roofers can evaluate the state of your roof and provide you a recommendation on repair or replacement.

As your home ages, it is likely that your decramastic roof will require maintenance, repair or replacement. There are several factors that contribute to roof wear. The first of these is age. Even though all roofs will age and experience wear and tear, decramastic roof tiles tend to wear poorly. They become unsightly over time and often need to be repaired or replaced. When you suspect your roof may need repair or replacement, our trained professionals will be happy to inspect your roof and determine if there is any damage that must be addressed.

Another key factor in roof wear and tear is the weather. Direct exposure to UV rays, strong winds, driving rain, and hail can severely damage this type of roof tile. Decramastic roof tiles can become dented, chipped, or cracked. Nails can loosen allowing tiles to fall off and corrode. Depending on the amount of damage and the age of the decramastic tiles, it is often advisable to do a complete roof replacement instead of trying to repair the tiles.

At some point, either the homeowner or a roofer will need to walk around on the roof. When this happens with decramastic tiles, they often crack or dent. These dents cannot be removed and cracks cannot be repaired without weakening the tile. Anything that is exposed to the elements will eventually begin holding moisture. When this happened, moss, lichen, and mildew will begin to grow. Decramastic roofs are especially vulnerable to the acids that often leak from this growth. These acids will weaken the metal in decramastic tiles resulting in leaks and an unsightly green color on the roof. If you notice any of these changes to your roof, our skilled professionals will be happy to provide you recommended solutions to keep your roof in good condition.

Additionally, when the metal tiles get wet, they can rust and erode which can be hard to see, especially if there is plant growth on the roof. Since your roof is one of the most important parts of your home, it must be repaired or replaced when it is damaged. Your home’s roof is constantly bombarded with temperature and weather changes which can bring dirt and moisture, both of which can severely damage the roof.

If you believe you may have decramastic roof problems, we can help. We will inspect your roof and determine the type of damage and provide recommended solutions.

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